Netflix cuts controversial suicide scene from 13 Reasons Why

July 25, 2019

The scene, which had been criticised by mental health experts, has been re-edited by the streaming service more than two years on from its release Netflix has removed a controversial suicide incident from its teen drama In a statement, the streaming service said that the three-minute-long sequence from the show’s first season, which illustrates the central character taking her own life, had been re-edited on the recommendations issued by medical…


Does Andrea Arnold’s experience on Big Little Lies suggest that auteurs are doomed?

July 20, 2019

When film-makers are lured to the small screen, things dont always go smoothly but the situation is barely any better in the movies The first episode in the second season of Andrea Arnold. Kidman spoke on behalf of the production. They were, she said, in the hands of [a] visionary. That was then. Now, the season finale will air this weekend only after an industry scandal: an statement was provided…


The end of satire: Mad magazine to cease regular publication

July 6, 2019

Comedian Al Yankovic laments loss of one of the all-time greatest American institutions Mad magazine, a US institution famous for the grinning face of jug-eared, tiny-eyed mascot Alfred E Neuman, is to stop being a regular fixture of newsstands. The satirical magazine will no longer be published monthly with new material from the autumn, its owners DC Comics said. Instead there will be end-of-year specials and magazines with classic and…


Farewell, Jessica Jones: the last woman standing in the Marvel-Netflix era

June 28, 2019

With Marvels owner, Disney, preparing its own streaming service, Netflix is throwing in the towel. But Krysten Ritters street-level superhero ever did know how to have the last word Marvel’s sprawling legion of big-screen heroes managed to bounce back from not been so lucky. Netflix’s experimentation with Marvel characters demises today with the launch of the third and final season of Jessica Jones, the hard-living private eye played by Krysten…


CBS says streaming services & Super Bowl helped it achieve record revenues in Q1

May 29, 2019

CBS credited its direct-to-consumer streaming services in helping it achieve double-digit revenue growth and record quarterly revenues in Q1, together with the gains that came from hosting Super Bowl LIII and those from affiliate revenue. The system said its over-the-top service for cord cutters, CBS All Access, combined with Showtime’s direct-consumer subscriptions, grew 71% year-over-year — its biggest one-quarter of growth ever. Both services are continuing to grow in Q2,…


Netflix adds 9.6m subscribers in three months despite increasing competition

April 22, 2019

Streaming service, which spent $12 bn on original content in 2018, defeat psychoanalysts exceptions in latest earnings report Netflix added 9.6 million brand-new customers in the first three months of the year even as it increased prices and faced stiffer rival from contenders including Amazon, Apple and Hulu. The streaming video service now earnings report. Its often volatile share cost dipped slightly after the report smashed, falling close to 1…


John Oliver Defends WikiLeaks Julian Assange

April 21, 2019

On Sunday night, post-Game of Thrones final season premiere episode to the expulsion and arrest of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. Yes, the Last Week Tonight host tackled cable-news coverage of Assange being hauled out of the embassy, much of which focused on Assanges bearded, disheveled appearance, he remarked, Thats a weird tone to take on a story thats this important. Yes, his arrest sparks a difficult debate about the efficacy…


Joker trailer: first footage of Batman spin-off released

April 7, 2019

Joaquin Phoenix starrings as the Caped Crusaders celebrated adversary in a standalone aspect directed by Todd Phillips The trailer for the hotly foreseen Batman spinoff Joker has hit the internet. Starring Joaquin Phoenix in a persona already played by Jack Nicholson and Heath Ledger, Joker has been conceived as a standalone cinema separate from the DEC Extended Universe series. Set in 1981, and Gotham City, this origins tale is purportedly…