This Mayor West mashup from ‘Family Guy’ is a perfect Adam West tribute

July 20, 2017

Actor Adam West’s death in June was a major punch to Batman devotees, but many experienced somber to lose another beloved character: Mayor West from Family Guy . In a clip montage, the show itself paid tribute to West’s funniest moments over the course of the series. The full video is virtually nine times of Mayor West gold. SEE ALSO: You can watch the last glorious Adam West cameo in…


‘Stranger Things’ gets a Comic Con Hall H panel as movie studios stream out

July 19, 2017

Welcome to the big chamber . Image: Netflix Netflix has never been on the big-hearted Hall H stage at Comic-Con, but then again, they’ve never had anything quite like Stranger Things . The streaming phenom firstly came to Netflix on July 15 last year, just a week before the annual nerd pilgrimage got underway in San Diego. The buzz that’s attained the display such a hit was just house steam…


The internet is obsessed with a ‘Friends’ fan theory that actually sounds legit

July 18, 2017

Was it all in our heads ? Image: Bright/ Kauffm/ REX/ Shutterstock Wait, what if everything we believed about Friends is actually totally wrong? Suddenly good-for-nothing establishes appreciation, thanks to an eye-opening finding by twitter consumer @thetedfox. On Friday morning, he pointed out one very strange thing about the encompas of the Season 4 DVD set, and recruited the help of obsessive followers to figure out what exactly is going…


Check out the full list of Emmy nominations

July 17, 2017

Image: curtis baker/ netflix Emmy nominees were announced Thursday morning, and shows like This is Us and The Crown have got to be very happy right now. Not merely that, but Netflix’s Stranger Things snagged a nomination for best drama series and so did Barb( Shannon Purser ), for guest actress in a drama. As we previously clarified, Game of Thrones ‘ no-noms status wasn’t a snub, they were simply…