Rocketman review Elton’s sparkliest spectacle yet

June 20, 2019

Taron Egerton is terrific as the singer, but the real star of this electric biopic is director Dexter Fletcher ” When are you going to go about hug me ?” That question echoes around Dexter Fletcher’s dazzling rock opera- a fantastical report of the high-priceds and lows of Elton John’s wild-ride rise, told in frenetically full-blooded musical shape. It’s the story of a little boy who became a big star…


Elton John: ‘They wanted to tone down the sex and drugs. But I havent led a PG-13 life’

June 12, 2019

In this exclusive article, Elton John writes about his extraordinary life and why he finally decided to give the Rocketman biopic the green light I was in the cinema for about 15 times before I started crying. Not crying as in the occasional rip quietly percolating down my cheek: actually sobbing, in that loud, unguarded, emotionally destroyed style that makes people turn around and look at you with frightened faces….


Mentrification: how men appropriated computers, beer and the Beatles | Van Badham

June 6, 2019

Throughout history, girls have been written out of cultural minutes they helped shape. And now we have a new word for it Star Trek fandom “ve already made” famed contributions to popular culture, but its latest sweet encapsulation deserves special recording: in the dictionary. Earlier this month, a follower post on Tumblr from customer @obstinatecondolement mourned the lack of acknowledgment given to women as the source of the series’ original…


From Billie Ellish to Hall & Oates: the best US summer festival lineups

June 2, 2019

Across America, this summer will bring with it a variety of genre-spanning live music occurrences, featuring a range of diverse artists While US festivals have lately been paying less than rave reviews- with the ongoing fallout of Fyre festival, May’s logistical breakdown of North Carolina’s alt-rock Epicenter festival and the heady imaginations of this August’s Woodstock 50 being mired by suits- it remains true that summertime celebration season is the…


13 hilarious times people totally misheard the lyrics to a song

May 9, 2019

Was Alicia Keys* actually* singing’ concrete jungle wet dream tomato ‘? Image: Getty Images Arguably the best part about jamming out to some songs is being able to scream the lyrics. But some musicians genuinely establish you work for it. Chronic delinquents of the Incomprehensible Lyrics Club include Patrick Stump, Elton John, and The 1975. We shouldn’t place all the blame on our favorite artists, though — sometimes it’s our…


Weezer’s Coachella performance featured TLC, Tears for Fears cameos

May 7, 2019

An iconic duo ? Image: Kevin Winter/ Getty Images for Coachella Oh, hello there! Searching to get doused in a soak of gimmicky nostalgia that somehow still rocks? Have we got the content for you! During Weezer’s Saturday night Coachella performance, the band handled TLC’s “No Scrubs” and Tears for Fears’ “Everybody Wants to Rule the World, ” and the band bring forward some of the original artists behind those…


Hold on to your hard hats: New York’s $475m Shed throws open its doors

April 25, 2019

BTAG 1 TTStarting a low carb Keto diet? In this video Heather introduces herself& explains losing load on the Keto diet( over 100 pounds)& shares assets on how … The escalators require determining and theres no barroom but the see must go on, as starrings from Ben Whishaw to Steve McQueen open NYCs firstly major new arts venue for decades Ben Whishaw is on stage, stripped to his underwear. Prosthetic…


‘The great untold scandal’: the sordid tale of boyband mogul Lou Pearlman

April 10, 2019

Lance Bass of NSync discusses a new film that discloses the darker side of the three men who attained them and the Backstreet Boys It was a cheque that blew the eyelid on the duplicitous distributes of one of pop’s most contentious music managers. Having already turned ‘NSync, designed as rivals to his other band. After three years of nonstop work and tens of millions of record sales, in December…


Rami Malek: Being offered the part of Freddie Mercury was a gun-to-the-head moment

November 6, 2018

The controversial new Queen biopic Bohemian Rhapsody is dividing opinion. But critics are united in the performance of Rami Malek as the charismatic frontman. Here he tells Tom Lamont why he risked all for the part of Freddie Mercury Rami Malek, the Californian actor, says: I dont know man. I guess Im an unusual human being. Its an afternoon in Hyde Park and weve been talking about the 37-year-olds extremely…