Netflix cuts controversial suicide scene from 13 Reasons Why

July 25, 2019

The scene, which had been criticised by mental health experts, has been re-edited by the streaming service more than two years on from its release Netflix has removed a controversial suicide incident from its teen drama In a statement, the streaming service said that the three-minute-long sequence from the show’s first season, which illustrates the central character taking her own life, had been re-edited on the recommendations issued by medical…


Eddie Murphy Opens Up About His Lifelong Feud with Bill Cosby

July 24, 2019

Much has already been made of Eddie Murphy’s tentative promise to return to stand-up comedy on Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. ” I’m going to do it again ,” Murphy tells Jerry Seinfeld while the pair drive around in a Porsche Carrera GT.” Everything just has to be right. You have to get up there and start working out .” Since the 40 -minute episode–by far a long time in…


Point Blank review mediocre action thriller remake lands on Netflix

July 15, 2019

Anthony Mackie rises above a rickety remake of a French thriller about a wet-nurse teaming up with criminal matters after his wife is kidnapped In order to create the optimal view suffer for rickety Netflix thriller Point Blank, a quickie remake of the acclaimed 2010 French movie, promises should either be lowered or, even better, eradicated totally. It’s an easy-to-follow strategy given that a) Netflix original films are patchy at…


David Fincher will direct Mank biopic for Netflix

July 13, 2019

David Fincher will be directing his first feature film since 2014, and he’s making it for Netflix. The director of “Seven” and” The Social Network” already helped kick off Netflix’s original content boom by directing chapters of” House of Cards” and “Mindhunter.” In fact, the popularity of Fincher’s cinemas on Netflix was famously one of the reasons why the streamer’s executives felt comfortable spending hundreds of millions of dollars on”…


This Comic Would Probably Be Dead if Fame Hit Him Sooner

July 12, 2019

The Last Laugh podcast. By that point, he had already put out an hour-long special with Comedy Central, so he are concerned that doing a half-hour might feel like proceeding “backwards” — a concern shared by my turned down the same opportunity. But “hes taking” the opportunity and says the exposure he got has transformed his career. By the weekend after The Standups premiered, Bargatze noticed significantly more people presenting…


Farewell, Jessica Jones: the last woman standing in the Marvel-Netflix era

June 28, 2019

With Marvels owner, Disney, preparing its own streaming service, Netflix is throwing in the towel. But Krysten Ritters street-level superhero ever did know how to have the last word Marvel’s sprawling legion of big-screen heroes managed to bounce back from not been so lucky. Netflix’s experimentation with Marvel characters demises today with the launch of the third and final season of Jessica Jones, the hard-living private eye played by Krysten…


20 Underrated Performances Emmy Voters Shouldnt Ignore

June 24, 2019

It is, at this point, a laughable numbers game. Roughly 500 original scripted indicates have aired on Tv this past Emmys season, and yet “theres only” six or seven slots per category to reward the excellent evidences and musicians. How in the world do you choose? Emmy voters typically respond infuriatingly, returning to the same series and actors year after year, or flocking to predictably dark, angsty awardings bait with…


Always Be My Maybe review another middling Netflix romantic comedy

June 2, 2019

Ali Wong and Randall Park cant spin enough charm from a flat-looking regurgitation of a formula we know all too well Our collective thirst for the liberate of a genuinely great romantic comedy has led to us looking back as well as forward, rewatching the classics ad nauseam, waiting impatiently for a worthy brand-new addition. Those canny folks over at Netflix have been establishing tone and as a result, they…


13 Reasons Why led to more youth suicides, new study suggests

May 26, 2019

Linda Cardellini and Christina Applegate in’ Dead to Me ‘. Image: Saeed Adyani/ Netflix The espousing its consideration of this Netflix’s Dead to Me is spoiler-free . Dead to Me gets the job done. No, it isn’t < em> the best TV around. But if you’re looking to be entertained this weekend( without catching up on Thrones or heading to the movie theater ), then this low-commitment, big-hearted payoff Netflix…


Teen suicides rose after Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why aired, US study shows

May 12, 2019

New study encountered 28.9% increase in suicides among Americans aged 10 -1 7 in month after liberation of the controversial teen drama A brand-new investigate has been established that suicide among adolescents rose by 28.9% in the month after Netflix launched 13 Reasons Why. The condemned upon liberate by mental health issues campaigners and psychiatrists. Experts claimed that the display romanticised suicide and could to be translated into copycat behaviour….