From Boris Johnson to Bernie Sanders: why politicians seem most weird when theyre trying to be normal

July 23, 2019

The admission that the Tory leadership contender loosens by creating model bus is bizarre, but its far from being the only example of a public figure getting it totally wrong It’s weird when politicians feign they are normal people. Boris Johnson’s inexplicably proclaimed his love for Arctic Monkey in 2006. It’s why Theresa May decided invoked Pokemon Go in talking about tasks creation. And it’s why Bill de Blasio just…


The Tory leadership contest: your handy idiots guide | Marina Hyde

April 24, 2019

The Conservative party is attempting a brand-new face to produce us down the wrong track, says Guardian columnist Marina Hyde There’s a photo from Pompeii that’s been doing the internet rounds a while, depicting the plaster cast of a naked male. He appears to have died masturbating, even as he must have known the Vesuvian ash-cloud was approaching. Did he? Science says so fully Handmaid’s Tale on May in an…


Stephen Colbert was also underwhelmed with the Mueller report

April 1, 2019

It was a lengthy, almost two-year wait for the Mueller report to be delivered, and Stephen Colbert thought it was, well, anticlimactic. In a monologue opening The Late Show on Monday, Colbert said the report’s findings, which found that there was no proof of conspiracy between Trump’s campaign and Russia, was “worse than the finale of Lost . “ “What about the smoking ogre, was it real or not? And…


Stephen Colbert has the perfect roast for why Trump picked ‘Game of Thrones’ for propaganda

February 3, 2019

Stephen Colbert has returned from a short break, while the U.S. government has not. So, to catch up, the Late Show host spent ten glorious minutes on Monday night absolutely roasting the president’s now 17-day shutdown of the government, in which Donald Trump has demanded $5.7 billion to build his border wall. Colbert gleefully slammed Trump’s claims that former presidents told him the wall should have already been built (they…


110 things that happened in American politics in 2018

December 18, 2018

Washington( CNN) There been a great deal of things that happened this year in American politics, some of which you may have already wholly forgotten about. Here are 110 of them 😛 TAGEND 8. The Washington Post reports Trump craves members of the military procession. 9. Kim Jong Un actually holds members of the military procession, the working day before the Winter Olympics. 10. Adam Rippon v. Mike Pence .~…


How America got old, glitchy electronic voting machines

November 7, 2018

Democracy is worth the long line, we swear ! Image: Joe Raedle/ Getty Images It’s been 18 years and several thousand lifetimes since the raced Bush-Gore general elections of 2000. Yet “hanging chads” are still haunting us — but not in accordance with the rules you might think. Since countries began introducing electronic voting machines and other engineering in the voting process, digitizing various aspects of voting has been a…