Don’t believe that fake viral photo of a NFL player burning the U.S. flag

October 7, 2017

Another day, another chapter in the ongoing feud between Donald Trump and NFL players who are taking the knee in protest against police brutality.  SEE ALSO: The first NFL game of Sept. 24 started with a powerful, unprecedented protest You might have seen on Twitter or Facebook this picture that purportedly depicts an NFL player burning the U.S. flag in the locker room as his teammates enthusiastically look on: Image:…


‘Harry Potter’ actor condemns Sean Spicer in Instagram post

September 23, 2017

Jason Isaacs( a.k.a Lucius Malfoy) depicted here spending time with a beast whose company he notes more palatable than Sean Spicer Image: AP/ REX/ Shutterstock Sean Spicer’s appearance at this year’s Emmys has already attracted a lot of censure. The latest to weigh in on the matter is Harry Potter performer Jason Isaacs, better known as Lucius Malfoy. SEE ALSO: The awesome reason behind ‘Star Trek: Discovery’s lead’s call The…


Stained-glass art has reached a new level of majesty

August 14, 2017

Truly masterful Image: Craig Mortensen Stained-glass artwork has been inspiring awe for centuries, with some of the world’s most famous works found in faiths and other places of worship around the globe. SEE ALSO: Give your children a much-needed break from screen time with this portable toy container Like the mesmerizing stained-glass windows of the Blue Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey The Blue Mosque, Istanbul, Turkey. Image: Fred Bigio/ Flickr Or…


I’m the leader of the White Walkers and here’s why we are moving so incredibly slowly

August 6, 2017

I love this pic!!Image: mashable composite, hbo Hi I’m the Night King, ruler of the White Walkers/the main guy with the blue head on HBO’s Game of Thrones. There’s been a lot of talk going around lately about how my army is taking too long to move south. Honestly, it feels like everywhere I turn, people are saying, “The White Walkers are moving so slowly,” or, “Everyone is moving so…


Finally there’s a name for the Instagram trend everyone is already doing

August 2, 2017

Image: vicky leta/ mashable You’ve been posting “plandids” for years and you didn’t even know it. Tipped to be the most wonderful Insta trend of the summer, this newly coined term actually describes a pretty well-established Instagram practice that many of us have been doing for yonks. SEE ALSO: ‘Finstas’ can be boring or funny or sexy but they’re always real So, what exactly are plandids? The term is a…


#NetflixNeeds is listing the internet’s demands to expand its beloved queue

July 30, 2017

Look, we all invest wayyyy too much time on Netflix, and we all get wayyyy suffered sometimes on what’s on it. That’s basically the reason #NetflixNeeds exploded out of the internet on Wednesday, pleading with to ask the streaming service for justa few more to TV is an indication of orgy watch. The hashtag ran around Twitter as trending topic and had consumers asking for the sees and movies that…


Celebrities belt it out for Lin Manuel-Miranda’s new ‘Hamilton’ charity challenge

July 26, 2017

A new challenge from Lin Manuel-Miranda is an attempt to inspire Hamilton embraces from the people of the world. And a lot of luminaries wanted to jump on the bandwagon. SEE ALSO: Riz Ahmed, K’naan and more sun in a new music video from ‘The Hamilton Mixtape’ On Monday, Miranda launched a Prizeo charity challenge promoting fans to raise money for The Immigrants: We Get the Job Done Coalition. The…


Would you eat a bagel doughnut for breakfast?

July 20, 2017

Would you rather reach for a bagel or a doughnut in the morning? Hard decision, right? Both are yummy in unique and equally life-changing ways. Well, thanks to Virginia bakery B. Doughnut( and a slew of other bakeries, too ), you no longer have to choose. Its signature everything bagel doughnut is currently constructing waves online thanks to a D.C. popup and a place in the Washington Post , and…


Empire State Building set to display yellow light show for World Emoji Day

July 18, 2017

The Empire State Building rises above the rest of the city . Image: john moore/ Getty Images It’s World Emoji Day, and people are celebrating the cartoon smileys and marks used in instant messaging apps in festivals all across the world. SEE ALSO: Cult of the party parrot: How a ludicrous bird became an emoji hero But the New York’s Empire State Building is truly outperforming all other celebrations with…


The internet is obsessed with a ‘Friends’ fan theory that actually sounds legit

July 18, 2017

Was it all in our heads ? Image: Bright/ Kauffm/ REX/ Shutterstock Wait, what if everything we believed about Friends is actually totally wrong? Suddenly good-for-nothing establishes appreciation, thanks to an eye-opening finding by twitter consumer @thetedfox. On Friday morning, he pointed out one very strange thing about the encompas of the Season 4 DVD set, and recruited the help of obsessive followers to figure out what exactly is going…